Buy or rent?

If your doubts delay your decision, use our free calculator and find out which is the cheapest option, short and long term. You only have to fill in the information that we request below and in a few minutes you will know how much you would pay for rent or mortgage during the same period of time.

What house you can afford?

Do you want to become independent or change your house but do not know what property is within your possibilities? Before looking for a flat and asking for financing, know what monthly fee you can afford thanks to our calculator. You will know instantly and for free what your real possibilities of purchase are.

Manual on the return of the costs of formalization of the mortgage

It is a guide that offers the user an approximate figure of how much he paid for the formalization of his mortgage (agency, notary, registry and IAJD) and what he could recover. Essential manual when buying a home, you will be surprised everything you can save.

Which bank will get you the best mortgage?

Get the list of banks that would be willing to finance your home and the terms of their offers. Free and in less than 1 minute.

Return Clause of Soil

The mortgage and land clause calculator lets you know how much you have paid more and how much you can recover according to the Supreme Court ruling.

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